The e-shop Elena Kotryna sells exceptionally the products made by its self. All this brand products are created for the purpose to decorate the interior, you can buy also a furniture of not big size and hand-made lamps.

Elena Kotryna provides personalized designing services as well.


Ordering goods the buyer commits to indicate the proper address for goods‘ destination.

Goods are delivered every working day by using fast parcel service, but it might take 5-10 days to prepare goods for delivery.

Term of delivery goods to other European Union‘s country depends on a specific country, the company makes its best to deliver goods no longer than in 2-3 weeks.


The conditions of delivering goods:

Delivery of goods for the Lithuanian buyer will cost 4,5 Eur.

Prices of delivery goods to other EU country depend on a specific country.

These terms do not apply in those cases, when the needed goods there aren't at the warehouse of the, and the Buyer is informed about the lack of the ordered goods. At the same time the Buyer agrees that there could be extraordinary issues when delivery of goods could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances that are not controlled by the


In this case the commits to provide the Buyer with needed information about delivery of goods.

In all cases the is not responsible for the breaking terms of delivery goods if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered in time due to the Buyer‘s fault or due circumstances that not depend on the Buyer.


At the goods‘ delivering time the Buyer must check the conditions of the parcel together with the representative authorized by the When the Buyer signs in the invoice (in the waybill) or in the other parcel‘s transmission-acceptance document, it is considered that the parcel is delivered in good conditions.

If the Buyer notices that the package of delivered good is damaged (crumpled up, wet or damaged in other way and the damage is seen from outside), the Buyer must mark this in the invoice (the waybill) or in the other document that confirms the parcel‘s delivering-receiving and in the participation of the representative of the parcel service to write down damage report. If the Buyer does not proceed in this way, the is dismissed from the responsibility to the Buyer due to the goods‘ damage if these damages were influenced by package damage and the Buyer didn't mark them in the way as it is described above.



The return of the items is organized in accordance with the order No.217 named „Regarding the confirmation the rules of the return and the change of items“ made by the minister of Economy of Lithuanian Republic June 29 2001.

The item for the return must be in complete set. The responsibility for the complete set and packaging of the item is on you. If the item is not prepared in the complete set and is not packaged in a proper way, We or our Representative do not accept the item for the return.

The item should be returned in the package in which it was delivered. The package should be undamaged, clean, prepared in a proper way and packed.


The goods should be return on your own expenses.

The Buyer‘s claim to replace purchased items with the similar items or refund payed money is not satisfied while buying such items in accordance with the section No.18 of the order No. 217 named „Regarding the confirmation the rules of the return and the change of items“ made by the minister of Economy of Lithuanian Republic June 29 2001:

Perfumery, cosmetics, toiletries,

photographic and cinematographic goods,

printed books, reproductions and other products of printing industry,

textile, floor coverings except carpets and rugs,

underwear, baby clothes,

tights, stockings and similar items,

undershirts, nighdresses, pajamas and similar items,

pearls, precious stones, precious metals and the items made from them except imitated jewelery,

machinery and mechanical equipments, electric machines and equipments,

mashines for the purpose to record and playback audio, as well as television image and sound recorders and reproducers,

ground vehicles,

ships, boats and other water vehicles,

equioment and devices for optics, photographic, cinematographic, measurement, controlling, medicinal or surgery,

watches, music instruments,

guns and ammunition,



lighting and lamps,

toys, games except the sport and fishing items.

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