STUDIO SANGUINICO design boutique

Studio Sanguinico had its own character right from the beginning, it came with the meaning of the sanguine type of personality. The idea was to create a small, cozy shop and studio, where the dominant design items would be expressive, original and bright.
The boutique chose various and uncommon brands and manufacturers, such as an Italian company Imperfetto lab, a French design brand La Chance and other more popular brands, like Petite Friture, Seletti, Gervasoni.
The uniqueness of Studio Sanguinico lies within the opportunity for local designers and artists to sell their artwork here.
All colors for this project were also picked carefully - deep and intense burgundy red, matte gray, a lot of black and gold details and clear white: this combination is intense, but somehow neutral at the same time and it divides the space in different moods.

A transparent shelving rack allows you to see the objects that are on it from every angle. White ceramics and porcelain are beautifully displayed on light and bright glass shelves. Other furniture used for this project: a large office table, some more thin metal racks.
The logo of Studio Sanguinico was made by CLINIC 212 design agency. Its idea was to focus on a little running dot, a small but an extremely important element. The same concept was used in the interior as well - the attention is drawn to the details, each of them having its individual space and background.