RESTO'BAR in KABLYS night club

"Kablys" is a Culture Bar situated in the city centre, close to Vilnius railway station. This building has many functional areas: the ''Restobar'' that serves food, a night club with two stages and two spacious bars, an indoor skatepark, a hostel for up to 50 people. In summer, "Kablys" becomes the location of children camps, in which they learn how to DJ and skateboard. 
The ''Restobar'' hall reflects all the ongoing activities in this extraordinary building, which has day to day changing environment.
Each month this space has many events and constantly needs transformation. "Kablys" is a very popular youth centre, a trendsetter with fashionable eclecticism, strong charisma and charming chaos. The idea of ''Restobar'' hall’s interior design was to express this zone with powerful colors and unique details to make it colorful, cozy and with a few Colonial style elements.
Fresh yellow colored sofas were made specifically for this hall by a local manufacturer. Golden wall lamps and tables with tiles were also made by locals, designed for this space. One of the biggest walls was all covered with fake fur, with some deer horns on it. This gives it even more charm.